Signal to Noise

Every Sunday 10:00PM to 2:00 AM - HD1

Noisy, aggressive, guitar-driven independent rock and punk finds a home on Signal to Noise each week on WFDU, featuring heavy doses of new and local music.  Tailor-made for music fans looking to discover new music not served up by streaming music services but by real people, Signal to Noise is hosted by Al C., a long-time contributor to the independent rock community in New Jersey and New York who first fell in love with indie rock as a WFDU listener in the 1980s. Initially launching Signal to Noise in 2013 as a streaming audio program, Al has been a music writer, show promoter, and owner of two longstanding local indie record labels, and joins the WFDU staff with hopes of expanding the show’s palette, adding interviews, studio performances, and a deeper playlist to the mix.  
You can reach Al at