Paradise RetroRadio

Mondays 1-4pm

Mistah Shofi is a communications student who’s aim is to leave behind a few smiles and good tunes on his journey through radio. Although young, he’s considered an old soul with his wide range of musical tastes, with a high appreciation for the classics.

Paradise is just one song away, whether it be from the 50s, 60s, or 70s. With an equal appreciation for all genres, we’ll have an hour of your favorite classic, soft, and pop rock tunes, and an hour for the retro soul and Motown hits, with a bit of both in the final hour, in addition to taking requests throughout, and special top 10 lists periodically through the year.

To: WFDU Listeners

From: Kenny O'Boyle, General2 Manager

Hello Listeners, I hope you are all doing well.

I wanted to check in with a quick update. On Friday we learned that a WFDU volunteer staff member's spouse had tested positive for Covid 19. Even though this staffer has not been tested nor hasn't been at the station in over two weeks, the University has decided to sanitize the station before allowing our essential staff members back inside. I am in contact with the staff member and wish them well.

We hope the sanitation process happens this week. Until it happens, I will not be able to pop in for live RetroRadio shows nor will we be able to refresh recorded shows. Some recorded shows may repeat from last week and we will expand DJ Hal's role supplying automated music programming.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and hope you all understand. Once we get back inside the station we will experiment with different services and software that will hopefully make it easier for us to control the station remotely. With any success we will try to expand our programming options as much as possible.

We continue to work hard doing whatever possible to keep WFDU on the air during these difficult times. Thanks to all of our listeners for their continued support. Be well and stay safe!