Retro Influencers

"Every song we ever loved didn't just magically evolved."

 Paul Felice, host

Every Monday night, 7-9pm


Every song we ever loved didn't just magically appear.  It evolved.  It came from artists that were influenced and inspired by those before them.  

One such period of time, the 50's, 60's and 70's, were especially fertile in the way it impacted other musicians- -both back then and even today.  

Every week, the program will focus on artists who were true influence heroes; making sure we musically highlight both their talents as well as those they later influenced. 

Do you have an idea for a future "Retro Influencer" show? Drop Paul a line at paulthomasfelice@gmail.  


And, thanks for listening!


Paul Felice is excited to be back doing radio on WFDU.  Most recently, Paul hosted "Hooks, Riffs & Attitude" on HD 2.  In the late 1970's, he even did overnights on WFDU-FM.  Additional radio and television work included WVBR-FM (Ithaca, NY), WPKN-FM (Bridgeport, CT) and Cablevision Connecticut (host/producer of "Backstage").