RetroRadio - Memory Machine


Memory Machine - with Steve & Sue - Mondays from 1pm to 4pm

As a child, all Steve wanted to do was talk on the radio.  This native Bronx New Yorker had his dream come true in 1974 when he attended Queens College and hosted the first incarnation of the Memory Machine for radio station WQMC.  While there he met the woman, who would become his best friend and wife Sue.

He went on to be a profession DJ at WINY- Putnam, Ct., WTNL-Reidsville, Ga, and WKTG, Madisonville KY.  He came back home to New York, but still stayed in the radio business at 99X, WOR, ABC and RKO and United Nations Radio Networks as an engineer.

Like Steve, Sue also grew up in the Bronx (she has the accent to prove it.)  Like Steve, she also began her radio career at WQMC radio.  Unlike Steve, she went on to type, file, and xerox her way to radio fame and fortune, working for the RKO Radio Networks and CBS Radio. When not on the air at WFDU or listening to WFDU, she enjoys soap making and checking restaurant menus for typos. (The omission of the letter ‘l’ in a restaurant advertising its split pea soup remains her favorite.) Steve is her only child.

“The Memory Machine” show is going to be the perfect fit for WFDU Radio.  Between Sue and Steve, they have over 30 years in the radio business as well as that great love for music.  Each week Sue and Steve will...

·       Spend time highlighting the music of a famous artist.

·       Look back at the music of a special date in history.

·       Pick a random topic and then play songs that have that subject in their title.

FUN and your requests.  FUN facts about the music, and your requests.  Oh, did we mention FUN and your requests.  Our goal is to leave everyone who listens with a smile on their face.  Tune in and join them Monday from 1-4 PM, it is contagious.