Brodsky's Jukebox

Wednesdays 4-7PM and Thursdays 6a-9a

Listen to the best music ever made – and have some fun, too, recalling the sitcoms that made you laugh decades ago. 

“Brodsky’s Jukebox” will bring you the soulful sounds of Motown (Temptations forever) and James Brown; the Beatles, Stones and best of the British Invasion; CCR, Springsteen, Billy Joel; and all the legends you want to hear again and again. This is the place to recall where you were when these songs were playing on your radio and stereo – and smile when you make the connections.  

Marc has a vivid memory as well of the great sitcoms from the ‘50s through the ‘80s (“Seinfeld” and “Friends,” too). He will be testing your knowledge with trivia – satisfaction of knowing the answers will be your prize. 

So join “Brodsky’s Jukebox” each Wednesday for the tunes and comedy nostalgia. You can email Marc at