The Seven to Ten

Shaun McGann

Classic & Alt Rock

The Seven To Ten

THE SEVEN TO TEN - Every Saturday 7:00 - 10:00pm Eastern - HD1 

The Seven-to-Ten - is a three hour whirlwind of psychedelia, garage rock, punk, new wave, classics, deep album cuts that sometimes dives into the modern era along with interviews and guests offering unique insights into the music and what goes into making it. The perfect mix for your Saturday Night. 

Wring the last remnants of fun out of your weekend with a rock-based show that trips through all genres of music. More than just a playlist on random, we're here to remind you of some songs you may have forgotten, turn you on to things you may not know about, or play some of your favorites as well as tracks from new and local artists. 

Shaun McGann served as a co-host and behind the scenes gopher for years on the WFDU program Good Music with Evan Toth and a frequent guest on the comedy podcast The Alexxcast . He is a contributor to the Asbury Park section of the music webzine The Vinyl District and the author of a collection of short stories titled Everyone's a StrangerYou can reach him at