Duff & DeAngelis

Every Thursday 1:00PM - 4:00PM Eastern Time - HD1

Duff & DeAngelis host their RetroRadio show every thursday from 1-4pm on HD1. Playing the best oldies with a heapin'-helpin' of odd-ball, curious, bizarre, weird, puzzling, unconventional offbeat wacko behavior! The inmates have truly taken control of the asylum.

RetroRadio on WFDU was a collaborative effort of the programming department of the station. Drawing upon his 45 years in professional radio, Duff wanted to provide an exciting familiar broad-based radio format that would appeal to WFDU’s larger NYC Metro listening area. Duff, Mike Phillips, Ghosty, & Kenny O’Boyle put their collective musical heads together to determine which songs would ignite enthusiasm to the baby boomers AND the later generations who are hearing these terrific songs in stores, movies and commercials. What they came up with forms the basis of WFDU’s RetroRadio format; a core period of 1960-1975 with occasional forays earlier & later. These are the lost tunes that the commercial stations have dropped in search of advertising revenue. The RetroRadio DJ hosts present their music in a style reminiscent of the NYC top 40 stations of yore; WABC, WMCA, WOR-FM, WINS, WMGM, & WWDJ. It’s a tight upbeat slice of popular radio that will get your feet moving and cause sudden outbursts of sing-along pleasure!


Contact Duff at <duff@fdu.edu>

Or on the phone at 201-692-2806

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